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Australia is in increasing need of skilled people especially Engineers. The institute of Engineers Australia deals with the skill assessment process specifically. Skills Assessment is majorly based of Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) that includes three Career Episodes (CE), one Summary Statement (SS) and One Continuous professional development (CPD).For Engineers Australia CDR help, you can also contact us

Engineers Australia has provided various resources to help Engineers writing their CDR. All the instructions for guidance about CDR are provided in MSA Booklet that has detailed step by step guidelines on How to write a CDR and what does each section of CDR carries.

What is Engineers Australia? CDR Writing help

When we think about a country other than our homeland, the very first thing that comes to our mind is the facilities that certain country can offer us. Undoubtedly, our homelands give us identity and what not, yet when thinking of another country to go into and settle, one requires the utmost level of comfort and ease. To cater this need, we search for the best possible resources and platforms, which are convenient to use, and offer the best deal in town. Talking under such a scenario and relating it to a more specific and technical domain, a question arises if is there something regarding the engineer’s community? What to do if a person has an engineering degree and he’s looking forward to shifting to Australia? Well, the answer is a very simple one. The best possible resource under such scenario is the Engineers Australia.

Basically, Engineers Australia, abbreviated as EA, is a national forum providing services across Australia and around the globe. This is a network based forum, which focuses on professional development, along with advancement in engineering and engineering technology. It provides a number of facilities under one roof. And the cherry on the top, one doesn’t have to worry about anything, as this forum provides assistance in making CDR, provides CDR help in case you have already undergone the criteria and process and also provide Engineers Australia CDR writing services. Unlike any other forum or platform, Engineers Australia follows a pre-defined organizational and hierarchical structure, under which members are facilitated and given numerous opportunities to not only acquaint themselves with the current happenings around the globe, but also become an active part and practically run operations in this network. This standalone feature makes Engineers Australia, Engineers Australia CDR, Engineers Australia CDR writing services and many more services to be the only forum providing all these facilities with quality and under one roof. It has a governing structure, which comprises of a body of representatives and a national congress. Set of duties under these are to identify potential candidates and elect them in order to run the board of directors. As aforementioned, it is a comprehensive platform, possessing a number of committees, groups and technical societies, which as a whole cumulatively contribute in the organization.

Furthermore, Engineers Australia actively takes the responsibility to make their members aware of the happenings around the globe. For the purpose, it publishes reports on regular intervals, briefing their members about the set goals of the organization and how they can contribute towards the success. Moreover, if required, Engineers Australia also releases media statements and play an active role in the identification of resources that can benefit the ordinary masses. In order to provide academic benefits and accretion facilities to its members, Engineers Australia is a pioneer which is closely working with institutes to provide its member’s facilities in accreditations ensuring they are aligned with international standards. All these features undoubtedly make it a knowledge hub for people looking forward to settling abroad, especially Australia.

What is a CDR?

When it comes to evaluation and one showcasing himself to someone through the paper, it becomes really important that data presented is legit and professionally serve the purpose, a CDR is prepared. CDR is basically a collection of documents providing a thorough insight of one’s academic, personal and professional achievements through the practical application of his or her acquired technical knowledge during engineering degree and certification programs. The reader while going through a CDR can come to know about what a person is capable of in terms of practical implementation and work on projects, which help in either solving a problem or affect the ordinary masses for good. At Engineers Australia, there is a dedicated facility by the title of Engineers Australia CDR Help, through which members can get help in developing professional CDRs. The EA CDR Help CDR Writing help section provides a detailed know-how of how to produce a CDR in right manner that is required for accreditation and evaluation purposes. Furthermore, under the same section, it also provides specimens of successful and quality CDRs, so that members can have some content as a reference while producing their respective CDRs. Moreover, under EA CDR Help, members can also avail the facility of getting their CDRs developed by a bunch of professional and qualified engineers, which are top notch and best of the best in their work. Providing with an in-depth view of the basic components of CDR, a CDR basically comprises of career episodes, a summary statement and a continuing professional document (abbreviated as CPD) document. The next section would provide more details of every document that sums up to one CDR.

Career Episode:

Career episode is considered as the heart of CDR. It informs the reader about applicants basic credentials, qualification details, projects worked upon and organization scope where the applicant has worked on a specific project. It also features the exact work done under project domain, its working procedures and protocols followed during the commencement of the project. In a CDR, there is a total of 3 career Episodes. A Career episode further has four main modules, introduction, background, personal engineering activity and summary


Introduction covers one’s basic introduction and basic credentials. These include qualification, place of performed project (a university or somewhere in his professional career), time frame allocated for the completion of project, was the project done single handedly or in the form of team work etc. Introduction covers all the important dates, institute names, company names, deadlines made and allocated and all the relevant information of the sort. The reader after reading introduction can get to know the initial basics of applicant and the theme of career episode.


Background further consists of two types, or rather entertains two scenarios. Firstly, if the applicant has done project as a university project while perusing his/her degree then, its importance with respect to practical application is discussed. Also, the tasks performed under the project specifically by the applicant are discussed. Secondly, if the project belongs from applicant’s professional career, then it would also include company portfolio and its significance followed by the scope of project and its importance under practical implementation. It also includes the procedure and work done before the start of project to practically understand the scope of project, and usually comprises of resources and literature reviews done before proceeding with the project. Furthermore, it also holds the information of person or group of people supervising the entire project or information of people who assigned the project, who took care of overall happenings of the project and to whom the progress of the project is to be reported. Moreover, this also includes the mechanism and tools used for drafting documentation including the project progress reports, presentation given to the executives or higher authorities etc.

Personal Engineering Activity:

This part of the career episode is the most important part, and is also referred to as the heart of career episode. It showcases the core work done during the commencement of project. The drafting demand of this part of the career episode is very formal, technical and creative. Core part of this segment with holds discussion of project into different modules, mainly hardware and software part, and further synchronization of both the modules to attain desired result. Furthermore, working is also explained with the help of block diagrams and flow charts which show a summary of the tasks undertaken. It also addresses components used including their specific use. If there were any problems encountered during the project, they should also be listed down, as it projects the true and legit application of knowledge in project. This is followed by solution of the stated problem along with the pros and cons of the suggested solution. This part will also hold any mathematical relations, formulas, and calculations etc. which are used to obtain results during the project. At the end, this part will be concluded with the closing statement, mentioning briefly what was the required output of whole project. The important thing to consider in this segment is to mentioning the application and method of application of knowledge acquired during course study and degree program. All these factors contribute in making this part as the most important part of a career episode.


Summary is the ending of a career episode. Here overall performance, objectives accomplished, how did the project help in personal grooming and professional growth are discussed. This part would also tell the reader whether one was able to obtain the desired result, and did the project benefit one individually in terms of personal growth at university or organization. All of these factors of a project will be discussed in the summary. With summary, career episode will be completed.

During drafting a career episode, it is important to indent the paragraphs with respective career episode number. The indentation of the career episode will be in the form “A.B”, where “A” will be the overall number of career episode while “B” will be the paragraph number of career episode. This is important, as indentation is required for referencing in other parts of the CDR. All of these contribute to the production of a good quality career episode.

Summary Statement:

Summary statement, abbreviated as “SS” is part of CDR that provides the reader and evaluator a summary in tabular form of all the tasks performed with proper referencing from the three career episodes produced as a part of CDR. A table is provided which has to be filled briefly. The scope of summary statement include various questions, summarizing whole three career episodes and working on projects in a single table. It is important as through this document reader and evaluator gets an idea of the work done very quickly.

Continuing Professional Document (CPD):

CPD is the part of CDR which provides the reader and evaluator with a one page summary of applicants CV. It includes all the basic credentials of applicant, including personal details, educational details, professional details, name of organizations along with dates and tenure served during professional career etc. Furthermore, it also includes awards, scholarships, recognitions and certifications of applicant. In short, a CPD gives a summary of all the activities performed by the applicant during his educational and professional era.

CDR Rejection

After competing all the required formalities and producing a CDR, there are high chances of CDR to get rejected. Such a scenario can be because of a number of factors. If anyone of the factors are present, the produced CDR is liable to get rejected. In such a case, EA CDR help provides the member a complete and comprehensive solution, availing which the members can not only transform their CDRs into professional CDRs, but can also get their CDRs accepted for evaluation and further procedure.

There a couple of reasons that can result in CDR being rejected. The most common ones include degree acquired not being a medical degree. As the name itself speaks, Engineers Australia entertains degree holders in the field of engineering. If CDR submitted is not validated for an engineering degree it is most likely to get rejected. Furthermore, possessing an engineering degree is not the key to a good CDR and also does not confirm selection of CDR. After acquiring an engineering degree, if career experience is not according to the degree acquired and does not influence the occupation, it will most probably result in getting rejected. Therefore, it is important to state and quote facts that relate to the degree acquired, as drafting any irrelevant project information in CDR will result in CDR getting rejected. Another major reason is the data in CDR being copied from any other CDR already submitted. Whenever a CDR is submitted, it is checked for plagiarism. If plagiarism is spotted in CDR, it is most likely to get rejected. Therefore, it is really important to present original and plagiarism free content. In order to facilitate its members, Engineers Australia has provided a booklet which contains all the guidelines and important information on how to draft CDR. If submitted CDR is in contrary with the guidelines provided in booklet, it is most likely to get rejected. Therefore, before submitting a CDR it is important to thoroughly review the booklet. This also includes presenting CDR according to its correct format, as contrary to format CDRs are also most likely to be rejected. In this regard, EA CDR help provides complete solution, where CDR can be drafted through CDR help with the help of professionals. Undoubtedly, Engineers Australia has facilitated a lot of complex procedures, and with the help of CDR help, CDR production has also been made easier.

While writing a CDR, engineers must be carefully not to copy paste any content as this won’t be of any help to them.

EA keeps very strict policies about plagiarism and CDR containing plagiarized content is reject.

Career episodes are an important part of CDR in which Engineers explain their technical project in detail that is helpful in projecting their Engineering Skills to EA while assessing the CDR. CEs should be between 1000-2000 words. A good CDR contains, Career Episodes of around 1200-1900 words.

Summary Statement is a comprehensive document of EA CDR in which all the Career Episodes are explained in summarized form

Continuous professional Development (CPD) help you to explain EA that what you have been up till now from the day of your highest degree. It is important that the CPD shows a good relevant technical experience so that the EA can consider your CDR as a competent one

EA provides many helpful resources for writing a CDR

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